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Tesla raising nearly $2B for battery-building ‘gigafactory’


Tesla raising nearly B for battery-building ‘gigafactory’ For more latest tech news and product reviews SUBSCRIBE to The electric-car maker is raising…
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Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (100% Full Electric Sportscar) [Autogespot - Carspotting]


AutoGespot – Carspotting: Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (100% Full Electric Sportscar) On the 3rd of July i got the possibility to accompany a Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (a 100% full electric sportscar) which was driven by a friend of mine who borrowed it from a friend of his. This specific Tesla is a Signature 250 model, and is carnumber 140 of 250 limited. It does about 3.9 seconds to 100 KPH (60 MPH) and has a range of about 250-300km. The acceleration is bizarre when you sit in it. The grip this car has is fenominal, when it sprints it uses about 200KW(!!) of power from its 7000 Lithium-Ion (laptop) batteries it has. It can be charges through a normal plug at home (demonstrated in this video), or through a special speed charger. For more info see:
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Tesla Roadster Ride along


be sure to subscribe for further tesla videos! as i walked up to a mexican restaurant i was taking pictures, as the owner comes out! he showed me the trunk and the battery, i think he said 74 laptop battery and the electric motor! then he asked me if i wanted a ride and i was ecstatic! he went like 10 to 50 in like 2 seconds! be sure to subscribe! and comment and rate! 5 stars~ thanks!

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