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Flite Test – Soldering Battery Connectors – FLITE TIP


Flite Test - Soldering Battery Connectors - FLITE TIP

Flite Test – FLITE TIP Soldering Battery Connectors A Hobby King sponsored segment. A lot of you have asked for this… so we took the time to show you how we do it. Learning to solder battery connectors is essential in the RC world. So many brands of batteries! So many connectors! Just pick a connector style, buy a bunch of them, and solder away. Tips: 1. Only cut ONE WIRE at a time. 2. Use flux to prep your surface. 3. Slide on the heat shrink over the wire before you solder. 4. Make sure both surfaces are hot enough to accept the solder. 5. Don’t get the connector lead too hot, or you’ll melt the connector. 6. ABSOLUTELY double check you polarity. Have fun and be careful.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Laptop HDD : 5400 vs 7200 RPM Performance Test


Laptop HDD : 5400 vs 7200 RPM Performance Test. samsung spinpoint hm640jj vs seagate momentus. test spec. intel core i5-520m 2.4ghz 4gb ddr3 ram nvidia geforce gt 330m windows 7 32bit

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Test Laptop AC Power Adapter with Multimeter by Britec


Test Laptop AC Power Adapter with Multimeter by Britec Let’s say your laptop does not start at all. You plug in the power adapter and press on the power button, but the laptop will not react. It’s dead and the power or battery charge LED will not light up. What could be wrong? Is it bad power jack or the motherboard is dead? First of all, test the AC/DC power adapter with a multimeter. It’s possible that there is noting wrong with the laptop and your problem is related to the power adapter. Need help with your computer?

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Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX – Power Test One


To order a PowerDome EX you can use this link This will be the first in a series of test I will be doing with the 400 Watt inverter function of the Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX. In this test I ran a Sony battery Vario Laptop playing a DVD and a Seville Classic Tower Fan on Medium Speed. The Laptop was run with out the battery to insure the results measured the actual power draw. In an actual power outage of course you would not do that. Some additional tests will measure the PC doing various tasks both with and with out the battery, running a DSL modem, running a small television and DVD player and some other ideas I have. This device has a lot going for it, some features include…. * 600 cranking amp auto jump starter * 260 PSI high power motor air compressor * 400 watt AC power inverter, high intensity LED light * Built-in AM/FM radio with iPod™ input * 2 AC Outlets and 1 DC outlets I have used the jump starter and it worked perfectly, we also use the radio feature by our pool and on our decks often. I have used the compressor and it was effective but not stellar, certainly good enough to air up your tire enough to get to better services. I firmly believe that one of these belongs in every car or truck you own. The tests I am doing with the inverter for back up power is really more a nice to have, the main function of this device is to keep you mobile, informed and with lighting on the road. Note that even when the power was to low to run the devices that the light and

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Asus K55 review – a thorough test of the Asus battery K55VM 15.6 inch laptop


Also see the written review: Follow me on Twitter: or Subscribe on Facebook: . A thorough video review of the Asus battery K55VM, the top of the line version in the Asus battery K55 series, next to the poorer speced Asus battery K55VD, both members of the Asus battery K55V family launched in 2012. The tested unit came with an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3610QM processor and Nvidia 630M graphics, plus 6 GB of RAM and 750 GB HDD. Other configs will also be available. The K55VD will only feature the entry level Nvidia 610M graphics, so will be cheaper but also considerably poorer in terms of graphics performances, visible when trying to run games. The review tells you details about the exterior of this machine, the keyboard and trackpad, the performances (multitasking, multimedia content, games), the battery life and some conclusions. More details and benchmarks are included in the written review
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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GM volt Lithium battery – Crush test with A123 vs LG Chem


After watching many crush test about lithium cells for EV, i decided to do my own test when i saw that Backhoe-Loaders in my street. I asked the guy and e accepted… for the science…. In this video you can se two different cells having torture when crushed with this 10 tons loader. The A123 is a lithium ironphosphate.. one of the best lithium cells on the market, and an 2 LG Chem lithium cobalt cells found in many laptop computer. The A123 measured 3.32V and the LG Chem shown 3.9V befor ethe test. The A123 was the first choice for the GM volt until LG chem had the contract. The Cobalt LG chem cell have 2200mAh and the A123 Ironphosphate have 2300mAh. When i did that test i attempted to see a big fire, flames and smoke and pop on the LG Chem cells… and nothing on the A123.. or maybe just some smoke… Finally that turned out differently !! For more info on the LIthium cells tests for electric bike, moto and car, bisit this adress:

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Lipo lipoly lithium Battery Discharge Test


Testing the EFuel Hobbies battery against an Impulse. The EFuel is almost half the price and performed as well if not better than the Impulse!!!

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Acer Aspire One 3-Cell Battery Test


3 Different tests of the battery, high performance, normal netbook use, and fullscreen video with no wifi. I must say, not very impressive at all for the purpose of netbooks. (although it did feel long when I’m making a video trying to drain it ;) The AC power brick is pretty small, so consider carrying that around, or invest in a 6-cell battery.

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How To Test Your Laptop Battery?


How To Test Your Laptop Battery?

How to check charge times for laptop battery?

install all drivers and laptop battery Maximiser ThinkPad configuration software, then open the “Control Panel” ——”Thinkpad Configuration”——”Power Management”——”Battery Information”——”Cycle Count”, then it will show you

How to Test Your Laptop Battery?

Laptop batteries can fail, or over time can lose their ability to hold a charge. If your laptop suddenly stops cooperating, you can usually determine if a bad battery is causing the problem by removing it from its bay (on the bottom or side of the laptop) and running the laptop from the lalptop ac adapter only. If the batteryless laptop runs properly when connected to the adapter, the battery has most likely kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, and otherwise become defunct.such as”Dell Inspiron XPS M170 Battery“

Dell Inspiron XPS M170 Battery 9 cells 6600MAH

You can further test this hypothesis by substituting a laptop battery that you know is functioning well from another laptop of the same model. You may be able to borrow a coworker’s battery or take the laptop to a cooperative retailer’s repair counter.

If, in the other hand, your batteryless laptop doesn’t run when connected to the laptop AC adapter, either the adapter or the laptop’s internal electronics have failed. Again, if you can borrow a known-good ac adapter, use it to see if the problem is caused by the cords or converter or if the issue lies deeper within the laptop itself.

How to charge for the new bought laptop?what to do to maintain the laptop battery?

Lithium(hydronium) battery (such as toshiba laptop battery ,compaq laptop battery)needs certain electromotive force inside to keep the activity of internal chemical substances. Therefore, you should charge full and use it up. Generally speaking, the first three charging take about six hours. Charge to 100% is ok then. You should not charge only for a short period of time, when the electric power is less than 10%, charge in time. If you used it up completely, it’ll cause damage to laptop battery; at the same time, if the power is more than 60%, you should not charge as possible as you. The laptop battery which won’t be used for a long, should be used to about 50% power left, and then keep it in room temperature dry

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How To Test The Capacity Of Laptop Battery AC Adapter?


How To Test The Capacity Of Laptop Battery AC Adapter?

Mobile computing is analogous to laptops, notebooks and net books. Without a good laptop battery charger a laptop is lifeless and limp. Laptop AC adapters vary according to the make and model in terms of designs, input tip, voltage, watt output etc. Irrespective of which laptop brand you own most of the internationally well-known brands provide the minutest details of a battery charger on the back of the adapter.  The hieroglyphic symbols on the power back apparently are technical representations of the authenticity and legitimacy of the product. As a laptop user it is very important to ascertain if the laptop giving the right amount of power supply as indicated in the power back sticker.

No matter if it is a Toshiba laptop battery or a Dell laptop battery the rule of the game is practically the same. The main function of laptop adapters or power bricks is to convert Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) which the laptop can then use as a power source. If poor flow of power or disruption in its flow exists then the computer is bound to exhibit minimal charge or not at all. How to keep a tab on the performance of the AC adapters plays a crucial in determining the performance of the laptop, notebook or netbooks. Testing AC adapters for the power capacity it promised on the product sticker is easy and simple.

1.    When you buy laptop battery charger always check out the power pack sticker for details on the adapter and its compatibility with different brands and models. The purpose of the LED light in most laptop adapters is to indicate the charging status, when it illuminates it indicate that power s being supplied to the laptop. Unfortunately, 100% accuracy may not be delivered by the LED light and some point of variation exists.

2.    Ensure that the adapter is plugged in properly to the power outlet and it is well-secured.

3.    Find out the voltage ratings generally given on the bottom of the laptop adapter.

4.    First, you may need to get a Volt/Multi Meter and in it insert the wirings into the right places— red wire to the positive slot and black wire to the negative slot. Ensure that the ends are plugged in without the plastic handles.

5.    Even if you have bought a cheap laptop battery the test applies to any laptop battery. Now, set the Multi/Volt Meter to DCV (Direct Current Voltage). After that set the voltage higher than the voltage mentioned on the adapter. Usually, the number on the Volt/Multi Meter is left to the number 50.

6.    You may then put the tip of the red conductor inside the adapter and the tip of the black on the metallic edge of the adapter.

7.    Refer the needle reading for the correct amount of power supply. The reading should show the needle landing on the voltage marking near the voltage listed on the back of the adapter. If the result doesn’t show any of the above then your laptop battery may require replacement.

Your laptop battery life is typically determined by the condition and performance of your battery AC adapter. Buy Laptop Battery or Buy Laptop Charger, regularly testing its power capacity can boost your battery’s usability tremendously.

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