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There Are Electrical Sockets In Parking Lots To Save Your Car From Freezing


There Are Electrical Sockets In Parking Lots To Save Your Car From Freezing
Laptop Batteries

Image by The Girl in the Picture
and it’s a good thing people use ‘em too. also useful for plugging in other things such as blow driers, laptops, lights.
Imagine if we all got cars that ran on "energy" we wouldn’t need a pump station in Canada, just plug it in while you’re shopping, playing, picking up children, going to school, and at your place of work!

OLPC Unboxing
Laptop Batteries

Image by Elix Perth
Obviously, that’s where the battery goes. Notice that the back has a grippy texture.

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All there is to know about Toshiba Laptop Battery Packs


All there is to know about Toshiba Laptop Battery Packs

If you are someone who cannot afford to stay away from your laptop and would like to carry it whereever you go, you might consider buying a external laptop battery pack for it. Not only do these battery packs provide additional battery power on the move but can also work as a Toshiba laptop battery replacement incase your original Toshiba battery is not working anymore. For people who are always on the run, these laptop battery packs can help to greatly increase their productivity and performance by providing enhanced battery power.

All Toshiba laptop battery packs consist of removable, rechargeable, Lithium ion battery cells (All Toshiba laptop batteries use Lithium ion battery cells). These battery packs can be interfaced with the Power Utility built on Toshiba notebooks helping one to monitor the remaining power. The battery packs have a good design allowing them to attach and detach to the laptop easily and quickly. The quality is similar to that of a battery for Toshiba laptop.

Numerous battery packs are available consisting of 6, 8, 9 and 12 battery cells.  Below is a comparison of some of the features of these battery packs.


10.8V x 5800 mAh
10.8V x 4300 mAh
10.8V x 7200mAh
10.8V x 9000 mAh

8.11″ W X 1.66″ L x 0.87″ H
8.1? W X 2.4? L x 0.8? H
8.27? W x 2.74? L x 1.16? H
1.97″ W X 10.87″ L x 1.71″ H

0.31 kg
0.43 kg
0.46 kg
0.62 kg

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB205-N3xx series
Toshiba Satellite L35 series
Satellite Pro M300 and U400 series; Satellite M300, M305, M305D, U400, U405, U405D
Satellite Pro L550 series ; Satellite A500, A505, A505D, L500, L500D, L505, L505D, L550, L555 and L555D

Cost (approx. in $)

Battery Time (Normal mode)
9 hrs
4-6 hrs
4.8-5.5 hrs
6-7 hrs

Recharge Time (Off/On)
6 hrs/12 hrs
3 hrs/6 hrs
4.5 hrs/10-15 hrs
4.5 hrs/ 10-15 hrs

Depending on the user’s usage pattern, applications running on the system, power management capabilities of the system the recharge time and laptop battery life may vary. As is the case with all laptop batteries, the battery pack will also loose it’s capability to work at maximum capacity with time.

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