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Some Things to Know About Laptop Batteries


Some Things to Know About Laptop Batteries

In this video, I explain some general things to know about laptop batteries such as taking care of them, and also state that buying replacement batteries doe…

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Battery Pack Rebuild Service by Batteries and Things


Save money by having your rechargeable battery packs re-built rather than re-bought. We can rebuild virtually any type of re-chargeable battery pack.
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Thinking of six impossible things before breakfast


Thinking of six impossible things before breakfast
Laptop Battery

Image by Stargazer95050
[borrowing this line from "Alice in Wonderland II"]

How cool & useful would it be to have a BIG TOUCH-TABLET.
Like a 24" LCD screen with a tablet function
sorry — Don’t have this yet.

For my astro-travel setup, I recognized how beautifully my old 24" LCD screen will fit into that travel case. And so this is not a photo-montage. THIS SETUP ACTUALLY WORKS !!
All stand-alone from a 12V battery inside this 24gal Stanley toolbox (detailed photos later)
In a harsh and misty environment, in the dark, a keyboard is a bit of a nuisance. can’t type without extra light, misplace it in the dark, moisture isn’t good for the contacts, …

So a good touch-pad on-screen interface would be just nice !!
A large (24") view is good to explore space AND edit photos. And watch a DVD while shooting 50+ long-exposures in the background

As I said (photos later) — this setup actually is working from a single (quite small) 12V car battery. Powers both the laptop & the monitor. Too bad it requires additional mouse & KBD to be useful (no touchscreen).
It looks cool and may be useful in the future — but at this time, it is merely a proof of an interesting concept. THE WEIGHT is killing this idea.
- This 24" LCD is a couple of years old and quite heavy — maybe a newer 19" may be more suitable
- TBD the power that 24" needs, again a newer 19" likely is more suitable
- 12V car battery is cheap & reliable & good capacity ==> BUT REALLY HEAVY
- without a touchscreen, I would need at least a (wireless) mouse /trackball and possibly a (wireless) KBD as well (or easy access to the laptop KBD)
- the box may not be tough enough to protect the LCD in such a tight fit

This is BOX 1/2 to carry my new TELESCOPE GEAR :
Below the laptop is the computerized EQ mount ……



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How to use a Multimeter to test common things around the house


How to use a multimeter to test outlets, batteries and wiring

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Samsung G800 – Things to remember


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Things found in my old room


Things found in my old room
Laptop Battery

Image by craigemorsels
Not all were originally mine

IMG_1894 (with camera)
Laptop Battery

Image by matthimrod
The contents of my bag. I never realized how much stuff I carry around until I took this picture.

Note that the camera looks weird because I took the same pic on my Blackberry and cut-and-pasted the camera into this one because I’m a dork like that.

Power & Sunshine
Laptop Battery

Image by LexnGer
Had a conversation recently with my university roommate about the value of
our electives in our current lives – i.e. his business courses versus my
electrical engineering courses. (We left out my drama courses entirely)

I agreed that his choices would serve me better now… but, look Bill, I’m
using my electives now!

Reconfigured my solar today and did some testing with a deep-discharge
battery which is out of age-sync with the main battery of cells.

I love playing with electronics!
Especially this extremely basic stuff where there is zero risk of burning
down a house or blowing the circuitry of your laptop.

So, see I do actually use those electrical engineering courses… ish.

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Things i carry


Things i carry
Computer Batteries

Image by ikelee
Things i carry with me. I actually only either carry the Mt. Rosa sling bag or the Backpack (the backpack more lately, the Mt. Rosa or the Booq Bag without my powerbook in it is what i carry if i go out i keep my camera and my axim usually in those bags) the stuff i carry for work i usually leave at work, but sometimes i’m out in the field and i’ll have to carry it with me.

Things i carry but you dont see
-Toothbrush, toothpaste, small bar of soap all in a plastic baggie, and a first aid kit
(extra’s just incase, cause if the boy scouts taught me anything, its be prepared
-All the chargers i use for all my electronic equipment (Powerbook Adapter, cell phone chargers, camera charger, Dell Axim Charger.)
-House and Car Keys (really they go in my pocket as well as my chapstick)
-Spare Ethernet cable
-Bottle of H20
-Crackers and a snickers bar
-Lots of paperwork…
-My IT Field Kit (which as XP Pro slipstreamed with SP2, screwdrivers and bits, Symantec Antivirus, Microsoft Office XP and Driver’s on a CD of computers we use at work, a 512 Gb Thumbdrive and a 10Gb USB/Firewire Combo external Drive)
-My Bible

Strap-On Video Rocket
Computer Batteries

Image by jurvetson
Having successfully flown on a J-size motor, she was ready for the challenge of a K. You can see the video camera hanging off the side, with half an Easter Egg fiberglassed on for a nosecone (rocket details).

The long-burn K185 is a wonderful motor. From the ground video, you can hear its throaty roar with the deep Doppler Shift of a 480 MPH departure.

As she was pulling 7 g’s, the weight of the flight computer’s 9V battery ripped through its restraining straps. Luckily, it did not tumble far enough to yank the power wires out, as the rocket depends on the computer and its sensors to deploy the parachute. With that mishap barely avoided, it was a perfect flight, returning close to the far launch pad without a scratch.

Here’s the video from the rocket.

Fail, Fail, Fail
Computer Batteries

Image by Velo Steve
Confession: I took this photo just so I could whine publicly. There, I said it.

1) My 5D Mark III’s joystick failed, with the gasket at its base protruding from the case. It probably got bumped when I wasn’t looking.
2) Go to Canon’s site to set up a repair. Seems pretty smooth. It says I need to use a shipper with tracking information.
3) Go to the UPS site. They have forgotten my account credentials. Not for the first time. Decide to "ship as Guest".
4) UPS requires a contact name, which Canon doesn’t provide. Go deeper into the web to see how this should be handled.
5) Computer suddenly shuts down, as if a tree has fallen on the power lines. It’s a nice day out, and the computer is pretty new.
6) Trying to be safe, I was using a UPS (not the shipping company, a power supply). It’s the UPS that died!
7) Play with the UPS. Not much to go on, but the "check battery" light is on.
8) Pull the battery – at least my screwdriver still works.
9) Grab my digital multimeter. It’s dead.
10) Pull the battery from the multimeter. It’s 9V, and we’re low on those.
11) Connect a 9V of questionable origin. The display now has an "H" and a square on it. More than before, but still useless.
12) Find an old analog multimeter and pick the best 9V battery.
13) Try that in the digital one. Still not working.

It’s all the failure I can take for now. Tomorrow I’ll drive the box to a local store which apparently takes UPS parcels. On the way back I’ll get batteries. Anything not working after than goes in the trash.

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things OFFF my bag


things OFFF my bag
Notebook Batteries

Image by Jitter Buffer
5 nights, hamburg-paris by plane,

“I love it, when a plan comes together …”
Notebook Batteries

Image by Stargazer95050
Or when I just get lucky …

Not planned and not intended to be used this way for a shoot — there I want quick access to camera & lenses and don’t need no laptop..

But during travel, I actually can fit my TINY 12" laptop right in there — no need for yet an extra bag. Battery & AC-charger fit into the top compartment (in addition to flash & flashlights & stuff)



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5 Tech Things #74: 32 Hour Batteries, Mac Thunderbolt with L


This week we look at what Light Peak is – the new technology in those new macs that came out. Google comes out with Google Recipes. Amazon Prime for ? Kinect SDK and 32 Hour Notebook batteries from HP. ;How to get the
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Things You Should Know About Cheap Laptop Batteries


Things You Should Know About Cheap Laptop Batteries

Laptop has become very important in our lives, so that the power source also very important for efficiency and survival of our laptops. If the laptop cannot be used for more than two hours the user will get stuck with a device created for speed and mobility but shut down very quickly because the electricity supply is inefficient.

There are many types of batteries such as nickel hydride, lithium ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Batteries price depends on the materials used to manufacture them. Among these three batteries, nickel cadmium batteries are the cheapest. The price of nickel cadmium batteries can range from $ 50 to $ 100.

Nickel hydride battery is a little expensive compared to the cadmium batteries. The price of nickel hydride batteries can range from $ 80 to $ 150. A lithium polymer battery is more expensive than the two types of batteries mentioned above.

Another discovery is revolutionizing the laptop battery is a new external battery  that offers run-time of about seven hours in about half the price, but also depends on the programs used on a laptop. Many vendors on the internet offer cheap laptop batteries when purchased in large quantities.

Some companies offer a discount on the battery if the same company that produces laptops. Alkaline batteries are the cheapest among batteries, but bear the highest cost per cycle. Other cheap laptop batteries include lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries. Cheap laptop batteries are also available in the Chinese market and can be sent to the United States with reservations over the Internet.

Life of a battery can be increased about fifty percent, so lowering the same price. Many preventive measures can be taken in order to increase the battery life like – fully discharging and charging the battery at least once a month back, the battery remains cold and dry, and make sure that the battery is not overcharged.


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