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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

25 Available in a variety of specs, this is a much more value-oriented ultrabook compared to competitors from the likes of Apple, ASUS, and Samsung.

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4400mah 6cell Battery For Asus A52jc Asus A52jc A52ju Notebook Using Tips


4400mah 6cell Battery For Asus A52jc Asus A52jc A52ju Notebook Using Tips
As far as possible hard work at low temperature: When the hard work of the internal above a certain temperature, it will deform due to high temperature, then the disc may lead to increased friction on the motor and other problems will also increase the hard disk the chance of error.
Tips on ASUS A52JC Battery there are many, in fact, we here only for some of the more common use usually to correct errors, careful users may also find more tips, all in all, the more carefully you use, laptop computers will The more stable work for you.
Long life batteries
Following a short-lived to say the king is the battery, some domestic brands of notebook computer battery is poor legends, and some even took half a year before it broke. Really is the notebook makers fault? Let us questions about manufacturers put aside. Did you know that some bad habits in terms of battery is very bad, may directly cause Genuine 6Cell ASUS A52JT Battery to short time in the past come to an end, then we need to pay attention to what use?
1. Try to let the battery run out then charge, charge must be filled and then: Although laptops now use lithium, the memory effect weakened, but the bad habits will make it shorter life expectancy.
2. Do not charge the battery in the rain: rainy days are often thunder, lightning caused by the current moment in terms of impact on the battery is extremely unfavorable.
3. Regular battery maintenance: If you can not guarantee to use every time a thorough clean and recharge the battery, then at least a month to carry out a standard charge and discharge (ie, clean and re-filled after the release of full), or regular Use BIOS ASUS A52JU Battery calibration feature built-in maintenance, so that the battery life is very good.

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Good Using Tips To Msi Gx701 Gx701x Battery


Good Using Tips To Msi Gx701 Gx701x Battery
Currently on the market, both lithium-ion battery and nickel metal hydride battery, its capacity in mAh units is the size of its Chinese name is mAh. Milliamp-hour notebook is directly related to the size of the use of time. The greater the laptop but not the longer 6Cell MSI GX701 Battery life, which also linked to the notebook’s components to decisions, such as: CPU, graphics card, the use of Centrino CPU, ATI-MOBILITY RADEON graphics cards and many other hardware and use of energy-saving technologies P4 CPU, NVIDIA notebook graphics card, compared with the same capacity battery, the former use of time much longer than the that the depth of discharge can stimulate the activation of the battery performance, battery life plays a key role. If more than 3 months the battery is not used again until the same should also be carried out with the new battery charge and discharge completely 3 times to make sure to activate the battery. The main use of polymer batteries, laptop batteries using polymer present as I know X300 series and Apple and Toshiba that thin air of the machine, but also for shapes and light. Phone using a low-capacity polymer batteries, polymer batteries X300 relative power density of batteries, but the latter 1 / 3, the cottage of their cell phone in order to emphasize durability, and said more than 1,000 amh battery capacity, the actual not using a polymer batteries, lithium 6Cell MSI GX701X Battery but 103,450 flat, X60t 8 used in the core capacity of 103,450 batteries have reached the 2000mah, X41T’s also 1900MAH, therefore, the real polymer batteries, currently used in notebook energy density in the unit is the largest.

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Toshiba Battery Life Tips


Toshiba Battery Life Tips


Generally speaking, the present notebooks drop its autonomy primarily by reason of a couple of reasons: Firstly the utilization, secondly the normal aging of the chemical materials. For that reason, regardless of what the tips that you will take your battery pack will wear as time passes. In general the life of a rechargeable laptop battery using is generally up to 2-3 years.

External devices such as keyboards, mouse, external CD drives and so on, are some of the greatest consumers of power that you will ever encounter. For this reason, if you have your Toshiba Satellite L640 and you are afraid that they can easily consume a lot of power, it is advisable that you remove them or unplug them so that you can reduce the amount of power that is being consumed and then make sure that you save on the energy being used.


The other thing that you will need to do when you want to save on the amount of energy being consumed by the Toshiba Satellite L640 is to make sure that you only run the basic programs.

This means that you will be required to switch off things such as music, screensavers and so on. You will also need to close down any programs that may not really be that necessary. As most people will agree with me, taking care of the laptop battery is one of the greatest tasks that can be associated with the Toshiba Satellite L640. However, if at all you put effort into it, you can be pretty sure that you will definitely not be disappointed.


The third thing that you need to do is to realize that if you want the battery of your Toshiba Satellite L640 to last long, you must be willing and able to keep the laptop from overheating.

One of the biggest mistake that people do is to put the laptops on their laps – or something else that is soft such as a pillow. The consequence here is that the computer will get to overheat and therefore cause the battery to run down very quickly.


Moreover, by no means use or keep the battery in severe conditions, including leave your laptop computer in your car when it is either freezing out or in a hot summer temp to keep the battery is about 15°C.In contrast, to cool too much your battery (such as for example by arranging it in your refrigerator) risk to damage it definitively. If the battery will not be in use for a long time, it is suggested to be detached from the machine and placed in a cool, dry, clean place.

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Optima Tech Tips: Choosing the Right Battery


Confused about whether a RedTop, YellowTop or BlueTop is right for your application? What’s the difference between an Optima and a standard flooded lead acid battery? Learn the difference in this helpful tech tip video from Optima batteries. A battery is just a battery. Right? Wrong! The sophistication and number of automotive electronics is drastically increasing. Whether it’s original equipment or the toys you’ve added, you’re drawing more power from your battery than ever. Choosing the right OPTIMA battery will help you keep the tunes playing and the lights on. OPTIMA is the battery of choice among performance and off-road enthusiasts who want to add more power to their adventures. Thanks to proprietary Spiralcell® technology, these batteries are more than 15 times more vibration resistant, which means they can take a lot of abuse both on and off the road, and provide up to twice the life of a traditional flooded battery. The Technology OPTIMA batteries are constructed of 99.99 percent pure lead. The purity of the lead provides lower internal resistance for additional power and quicker recharging, corrosion resistance for longer life and reduced self-discharge when stored on the shelf. OPTIMA’s tightly coiled Absorbent Glass-Mat (AGM) separators hold electrolyte like a sponge to eliminate acid spilling. Each maintenance-free battery is also completely sealed, preventing corrosion and acid spills. Choosing the Right AGM Battery to Match Your Lifestyle When selecting a

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Tips on Laptop Computer Battery Care


Tips on Laptop Computer Battery Care

You have been holding on to the same laptop computer for more than a year now, and in fact, is very about the performance it gives you. Then one day, you found out that your laptop computer batteries were unable to retain power from the charger. You begin to wonder how this is so because you only bought the computer right off the shelf just over a year ago. Well, maybe it is time for you to know some laptop battery conservation tips so that this situation will never happen to you again.

One of the cardinal mistakes that most laptop computer owners make is leaving a powered charger connected to your laptop while the computer is turned off. As you know, chargers have a habit of continuously putting power into the dell laptop batteries to be retained by them even though the battery is already fully charged.

What happens then is that your laptop computer batteries will be overcharged and this can be a cause for it to wear down rapidly until it will no longer have the capacity to retain power that is given to it by the charger.

Unless you are charging spent batteries, you must make sure to unplug your laptop computer charger from your wall socket, or from any electrical outlet it is connected to when you turn off your laptop. This is to avoid the batteries on your laptop computer from getting overcharged. You must also remember to use the power on the battery to the fullest. This means that you have to make sure that the toshiba laptop battery is fully spent before you even begin charging it again. If your laptop computer battery is half full and you charge it again at that point, you may be exposing it to the danger of becoming overcharged.

Try not to expose your laptop to extreme conditions like a being in a really chilly room one moment and a warm area immediately after. This causes moisture to form on your batteries which could be lethal and can trigger a short on the batteries, causing its chemicals to leak out. Once this happens, not only would your acer laptop battery become busted, you would also be exposing your computer to the greater danger of toxic chemicals leaking on its motherboard.

Caring for your laptop would also include looking after its vital components like its batteries, for instance. With proper use and care, your apple laptop computer batteries are sure to last for a long time.

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Lenovo/IBM Battery Tips


Lenovo/IBM Battery Tips

Lenovo is the leader of the most rapidly growing IT market in the world. With the acquisition of IBM Personal Computing Division, the company becomes the third largest supplier of PCs. Besides, in Lenovo there now work people who create ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops – they are award-winning engineers, production specialists, sales representatives, business partners. They are the people you trust.

Lenovo, founded in China in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Asia’s largest PC manufacturer. The “Lenovo” word was coined from the words “Le-” (from Legend) and “novo”, pseudo-Latin for “new”. And in the late 1990s, its Pentium-based Conet PC came bundled with a modem and access to internet.

Lenovo wanted to expand into Western markets to become the third largest PC manufacturer in the world. Lenovo was literally unknown outside China, but made the headlines with the announcement of its intent to acquire the PC division of IBM in December 2004.

Lenovo shares IBM’s commitment to innovation, quality and efficient service.

Main model lines presented on our site are as follows:

Lenovo 3000 Series
ThinkPad Series
Lenovo/IBM spares and accessories available are the following:

Laptop AC adapters (65, 75, 90, 120, 180 Watt)
Li Ion IBM Batteries such as IBM 92P1101 Battery, IBM 92P1089 Battery and IBM ThinkPad R40 Battery
Internal Notebook Hard Drives
IBM ThinkPad Mini Dock and Port Replicators 250510W
IBM ThinkPad G40 G41 Series Replacement Batteries
IBM 287810U ThinkPad Mini Docks
IBM Ultrabases X6
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Laptop Battery Power Tips


Laptop Battery Power Tips

The complete plan of using a laptop is the handiness it provides of mobility. Nearly everyone who uses a laptop has experienced the irritation of running out of power. And finally, we find that we require power the most right in the middle of vital work or the most difficult time. Having all this in mind, there are numerous different alternative choices for outside laptop power other than the inside of the laptop battery or the power supply that shipped with your laptop. The advantages of these different alternative choices provide some things like long battery life, lighter weight, & backup power options.

90 (ninety) minutes is the normal life of a laptop battery, which is often not sufficient time to complete much of your work. The other choice of power is the outside battery (external). Nearly all these outside batteries (external) as such that their wattage and connection type is not exact for the type of laptop; permitting you to use them on most common laptops.

General laptop brands available in the market Acer battery, Sony, Dell battery, IBM battery, HP, Lenovo, & Gateway. These outside (external) batteries can often sometimes enlarge the life of your laptop as much as ten hours; now you can certainly get some serious work done in ten hours as opposed to the usual 90 (ninety) minutes.

Most of us think the outside (external) battery being heavy & not convenient to carry around in our laptop bag. Battery technology has come to the modern era. Most of these batteries are weight less than two lbs normally from 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. Even though when comparing the laptop batteries, you get only what you paid, significance these low weight power solutions can be costly. The price ranges of the laptop batteries starts from low 100 dollars to more than 500 dollars; be ready to spend quite a bit for your convenience.

Hopefully, the costly batteries are going to give you extra battery life than the less low cost batteries such as dell Inspiron 630m battery, dell Inspiron 640m battery and dell RC107 battery. Though the batteries are expensive, think about how much it would cost you if it is not capable to end a significant work item when you truly want it because you run out of laptop power.

When you are going to shop an outside (external) battery, be sure that it is well-suited with your laptop. As like corded power supplies, the majority of the universal power sources come with a lot of adapter instructions which permit them to connect nearly all major brands. You should notice that is the most important thing you look for when you shopping; that the item has the exact tip to plug into your laptop.

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Hp Laptop battery tips


Hp Laptop battery tips

In fact, how to make good use of HP Laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the life of the other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users in the heart of a problem, laptop computer battery has a variety of methods and techniques, which requires us to usually use more learning and application.

1. fast to sleep
Temporarily using a laptop computer, to save battery power, we can set the power management program, allowing the system to sleep after a period of time, but shorter or longer will have to wait a few minutes, there is no way to make the notebook computer system immediately enter the sleep state?

The notebook computer system to sleep, a quick and easy way is to simply turn off the display. Press display just little things, you can make the laptop to sleep immediately, effectively conserve battery power. When you need to re-use, simply open the display, the system will automatically return to the state before the operation.

2. the screen-saving mode
TFT screen is the largest notebook computer power components, in order to reduce its use of the battery when the power consumption, notebook computer manufacturers of all kinds of devices, but in general are used to reduce the screen brightness and even turn off the screen method.

In the part of the notebook computer’s power management settings you can customize the brightness of the screen, most laptops can be specific shortcut keys adjust the screen brightness, generally 6 to 8 level brightness adjustment.

3. alarm settings
You can set the battery alarm function to give prompt and timely for the user to save the information. Method is to click open the “Control Panel”, double-click “Power” option, point “alarm” menu bar “Low battery alarm” bar Windows 98 default is 10%, “a serious shortage of battery alarm” column for the Windows 98 default 3% can make the appropriate changes as needed. Click on both the [alarm response] button, the “Sound Alarm” and “message” is selected, the “power level” is optional. This is used when the battery alarm limit, a warning window will pop up, and the buzzer alarm will sound to prompt the user to save information in a timely manner. Finally click [OK] button to exit the power management settings.

4. on energy-saving function
In the “extended HP Laptop battery life technology” section, we have introduced energy-saving feature is a CPU usage of the technology, which allows the performance of notebook computers will play between its battery to achieve the best balance.

Most new models of notebook computers in the BIOS, the CPU energy-saving technologies are given support, is enabled by default, if not open as long as the BIOS will support the option to open OK.

5. the use of third-party software to monitor battery status
In addition to Windows built-in power management features, there are a lot of utility to monitor battery status, such as Lu master software. Master Lu on laptop battery monitoring software usage details, please refer to: How to monitor the use of laptop battery

6. intentionally run out of battery
Regularly run out of battery, in order to ensure a full charge. If you need to completely run out of battery power, which would be: In the Power Management dialog box, select the Battery Drain this particular power mode, all of its three Running on Batteries options are set to Never, this notebook is the computer on will continue to run. Select the mode, then enter the Alarms tab, cancel the Low Battery and Critical Battery Warning check box check mark (so that when the battery power is low, the machine will not enter the suspend state). Next, let the computer run the CPU-time tasks, such as the computer automatically runs some of the computational complexity of the 3D demo program, which will soon run out of battery power remaining, of course, these disposal do not forget to unplug the AC plug.

7. the first activation of laptop battery
Most notebook computer manufacturers in the factory all the time, said, buy a new notebook computer should be in full discharge of the case, repeated three times for full battery charge / discharge, charging time, preferably more than 14 hours. That is such a word, so that the majority of laptop users have the wrong perspective.

In fact, the laptop before shipping the product within the cell will be activated in order to avoid wear and tear affect battery performance, with only a small amount of electrical energy. Since the completion of a HP Laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, there is no need to keep the charging time to 12 hours. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge mode can be activated.

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7 Tips to Buy Laptop Battery


7 Tips to Buy Laptop Battery

Article by Willy

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