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How To Fix Your Macbook Trackpad


This video will show you how to fix your Apple Macbook Trackpad if the click isn’t working, requires more pressure than it should (stuck), or if it feels too loose. Show notes w/ printable guide: Compatible Models: -Macbook (Late 2008 only) -Macbook Pro 13″ (Late 2008 to Present) -Macbook Pro 15″ (Late 2008 to Present) -Macbook Pro 17″ (Late 2008 to Present) Tools: -00 Phillips Screwdriver – -T-6 Screwdriver – -Tri-Wing screwdriver (same as nintendo) – For Debutant441: (this is the torx screwdriver set I use), you should be able to find this same one in your local home depot if you don’t want to order online! Steps: 1. Unscrew the 10 screws on the back and remove the backplate. 2. Remove the tri wing screws holding down the battery 3. Unplug and remove the battery 4. Tighten/Loosen the T-6 Hex Screw 5. Reassemble and test (repeat steps above until perfect) Note: We are not responsible for any damage you may cause to your computer. “Killing Time” – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ how to fix your APPLE MACBOOK PRO MAGIC MULTITOUCH TRACKPAD so it registers all clicks
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Apple Magic Trackpad (Review)


This is a follow up to my hands on video. The new Magic Trackpad is essentially a MacBook trackpad for the desktop. The multi-touch surface supports a full set of gestures, allowing users to scroll, pinch, click, rotate, and swipe. The trackpad is a wireless Bluetooth device that utilizes two AA batteries. Interesting, Apple has released its own separate rechargeable batteries and battery charger, which includes six NiMH batteries for your MagicPad, Magic Mouse, and wireless keyboard. MSRP . Windows/Boot Camp Users:

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