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Tob Sanyo Electric, Matsushita Green Innovation Enterprises In Transition – Sanyo Electric,
Acquisition, triggered not only failed to calm the signs of the discussion, instead showing a “more hot” trend. Especially after the acquisition of the brand and Sanyo Electric


Coincidence whether to keep such business after the merger will win the maximization of synergies and other issues, the parties have become the focus of controversy.

However, on January 8 in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture at a press conference on


President Fumio Ohtsubo said with full confidence that by 2018 the 100 anniversary of the company’s business, the Group operating income compared with March 2010 period (with Sanyo Electric) increase of 1.3 trillion yen to 10 trillion yen. Among them, solar cells, rechargeable batteries, the environment,


Related revenue will exceed the number of goods

Home Appliances

Manufacturing business to reach 3 trillion yen.

Ohtsubo, said: “The most immediate and relevant to people’s lives, where to start, Panasonic is committed to creating a green (environmental) revolutionary pioneer.”

Previously, the company announced the acquisition announcement, the subtitle is: “target into 2018


Industry, the world No.1 in the “Environmental Innovation Enterprise”. ” 2018 Panasonic Venture 100 anniversary of the first company to create an environment for global innovation enterprise. 2015 plan is to achieve this target, “an important part.”

Have commented that the Panasonic’s “completely changed” initiative, in fact, the field strength has greatly increased the number of appliances Korean camp (


, LG as the representative) weakness of means; on the other hand, it is hoped that through acquisition and integration of Sanyo Electric’s solar cells, rechargeable batteries and other energy businesses, enhance the technical competitiveness, and thus the positive as much as possible to avoid conflict with opponents to seek a a global leader. However, solar cells and rechargeable batteries though is a new business, however, Japan


, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc., as well as China, the European giants have increased their investment in the context of Panasonic’s goal of achieving global No.1 easier said than done?

The other hand, Sanyo among the world’s first lithium-ion battery, up to 30% market share. Solar batteries, Sanyo also has called the world’s highest level of photoelectric conversion technology. However, lithium-ion batteries, South Korea’s Samsung and China’s BYD, by the appreciation of the yen and other factors, growth far exceeds the Sanyo; and solar cells, China, Germany giants continue to force, and will yield highest in the world after Sanyo 4-bit out of the top 10, placing 11th.

Panasonic official said: “(environment and energy services) despite bearish market, but compared to more competitive household appliances, the receipts were more worth the wait.” “The acquisition of Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. will make the environment and energy industry as a pillar industry strategy into reality. “the person said. He also stressed that Sanyo solar cell, rechargeable battery business in the future will strengthen cooperation with Panasonic and electricians, to play the industry to maximize synergies.

However, Sanyo’s white goods business, and the fate of Sanyo brand, either Ohtsubo, Panasonic or other high-level, were not given a clear response. This also makes the Japanese in 2009 called the most influential TOB acquisition, cast a lingering shadow on a layer of the root causes.

Industry analysts said: “No matter how, in March 2009 and the Sanyo Electric of consolidated revenue reached 9.533 trillion yen, the scale of the new Panasonic has now become a national and Hitachi of Japan (in March 2009 on revenue up 10.3 trillion yen) side by side, engaged in home appliance manufacturing giant corporate hegemony. From that point, the new Panasonic 2018 growth environment for innovation in the global No.1 enterprise or non-empty talk. ”

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