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Day 3: Equipment during the UK trip


Day 3: Equipment during the UK trip
Laptop Battery

Image by Takashi(aes256)
Nikon D4 is the most capable, advanced, heaviest and biggest camera I have. My guidebook suggests me to bring a light and small camera, but I ignored it and bring D4 to obtain terrific image quality. And I’m so happy to bring it because I went through a lot of low light situation during my trip and D4 is the one of BEST camera available in the market in low light situation.

NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR to capture amazing buildings and landscapes in the UK. I purchased this lens for this trip and this lens was certainly a main lens during my trip.

NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G for capturing low light situation as well as you’d like to have some bokeh.

NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR II is needed in some situation, say taking pictures The Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Three Danbos to make my photo nice.

BLU TACK is a fantastic product to keep Danbos in specific pose. I actually forgot to bring mine to the trip, and tofu_catgirl gave her one to me. It really came in handy during the trip. I really appreciate her help.

A tripod to enjoy night photography including photos of the stars in the Lake District.

An extra battery in case D4 is running out of battery. D4 has a tremendous battery life though, it came in handy. I’ve experience so tired once that I fallen asleep without charging a battery.

Two ND filters, one is ND8 for panning during a day and longer exposure shot in evening. Another one is ND1000 for long exposure shot in a day light.

Battery chagers for batteries of Nikon D4 and DP1 Merrill.

Two hard disk drive, one to store my photos and another one to backup them so I won’t lose my photo.

An XQD card reader to copy photos from my XQD card to hard disk drives.

A CF card and a CF card reader for extra photo storage.

Also there are DP1 Merrill, Gorillapod and a laptop PC to use XQD card reader and hard disk drives.

I also wanted bring EF 400mm f/5.6L USM to enjoy bird photography in the Lake District, but I was overburden to carry the lens :(

I think I was trying a little bit too hard LOL

Nikon D4?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????D4??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G????????????????????????????

NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR II?????????????????????????????????????????????


BLU TACK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????tofu_catgirl??????????????????????



Nikon D4??DP1 Merrill????????????



?????????????DP1 Merrill???????????XQD??????????????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????????????EF 400mm F5.6L USM?????????????????????????????????????


[ SIGMA DP1 Merrill, 19mm, f/9.0, 1sec, ISO100, GorillaPod ]

Laptop Battery

Image by strained_liquid
My plasma-power’d Apple laptop. Shameless plug: PowerBook 12” 1.5GHz is beautiful, durable and cheap little laptop, with full-size kbd and a real UNIX.

You can get your own from for less than 0 with maxed-out specs and a new third-party battery.

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Bontrager Trip 5 wireless computer instaliation


Bontrager Trip 5 wireless computer instaliation

In this video we cover the basics for installing and programming a Bontrager Trip 5 wireless bike computer. Most other manufactures of computers will follow a similar process.

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Getting ready for my trip.


Getting ready for my trip.
Laptop Battery

Image by Brokentaco
Taken with my backup camera for this trip, a Canon G10. Last year half way through my trip my new Canon 40D died on me. I had to cut my trip short due to not having a decent backup camera. This years goal, 200 churches in 10 days plus meet D.P. Mortlock and have him sign my books and spend a day churchcrawling with Simon Knott in Norfolk. And watch Man U win. And have a pint or two, or three.

My gear
Laptop Battery

Image by chungdha
B&W outdoor case
Modified laptop backpack with my own logo with inner bag of an other camera bag.
Lowepro lens bag
Sigma lens bag came with 28mm f1.8

Manfrotto Videopod / monopod 560B with Rc700 head
Manfrotto quickrelease plate
Velbon RUP-L43 monopod
Velbon tripod
Velbon tripod dolly
Hage MMC Steadicam
Flash Bracket
DIY slider with Manfrotto head
Small mini tripod

6x Eneloop AA bateries lost two that why there are 6 instead of 8
3x LP-E8 Batteries

Toshiba 16gb Class 4
Toshiba 16gb Class 6

F&V LED60 with two extra Sony batteries
48LED UFO light

Yoga Superzoom vidmike EM2800
2x Bolun wr601
Sennheiser HD128 headphone

And tons of wires to wire up multi mikes and live audio monitoring.

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Getting ready for the trip


Getting ready for the trip
Laptop Batteries

Image by tripu
Charging mobiles and camera and sync’ing podcasts to spend ~72h in Granada.

OLPC Unboxing
Laptop Batteries

Image by Elix Perth
The ‘Getting Started’ pamphlet is pretty thorough. On the back are amusing infograms that actually convey important info. Like, don’t throw the battery in a fire.

XO Battery
Laptop Batteries

Image by One Laptop per Child

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Gear For a One Week Trip To Italy


Gear For a One Week Trip To Italy
Notebook Battery

Image by Redfishingboat (Mick O)
Here is everything I packed for my one-week trip to Italy. The Jansport backpack is one of the most useful things I own – there is a day-pack that unzips from the main unit. Everything I need.

What’s In My Bag?
Notebook Battery

Image by william.n
These are the usual contents of my crappy Eddie Bauer messenger/backpack bag. It can be either, but I wear it was a messenger. It’s not big enough and I’m looking into getting a new one. Okay. So it isn’t *that* crappy, but it really isn’t big enough for me.

See the contents of my new messenger bag!

Anatomy of a bag
Notebook Battery

Image by Priki
There’s usually more paper in it, but I’ve done some cleaning recently – not that that’s something that happens very often…


Geralmente tem mais coisa dentro, mas eu fiz uma limpeza não faz muito tempo – olha a chova aí, gente!!

No blog

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What’s in my bag after a trip?


What’s in my bag after a trip?
Laptop Battery

Image by Otacon_85
This is pretty much everything I carry with me everywhere I go. There’s a bunch of stuff missing in the photo (laptop charger, cellphone charger, etc) and trust me… I don’t know how I can put all that into a small backpack. .__.

What I added
Laptop Battery

Image by stringanomaly
My additions:
- some software
- some RAM
- an old cell phone
- some vacuum tubes
- a recent woot bag of crap remnant
- thermal paste
- a functional laptop battery
- a SD card adapter
- a CPU

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