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Tuesday’s Tech Tips: Chase Demonstrates How to Connect and Use a Battery Backup, or UPS


This week, Active DataComm technician Chase demonstrates how easy it is to connect your computer to a battery backup, and explains some of the benefits and p…

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Scientific Tuesdays – The Six Cent Battery


Scientific Tuesdays - The Six Cent Battery

Taking a few nickels and a few pennies we can create an awesome battery. We all know about the lemon battery, but did you know that by applying the same premise to coins, we can create a battery as well? All you need are a few nickels, a few pennies and either lemon juice or vinegar. The sequence is: Nickel, Acid, Penny – Nickel, Acid, Penny etc… Don’t put acid between each coin. Check out our sponsor this week, Squarespace at: and get 10% off your order by using the code “SCIENCE”. You can follow Householdhacker on Twitter at http Hang out with Dylan on Facebook at
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