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Missing Battery Icon – VISTA, 7 – Fix Tutorial – Power Icon Missing in Taskbar -How to


This is a video tutorial on how to fix the problem when your Battery Icon goes Missing. The power icon disappears from the takbar and this tutorial may fix your problem. It can be frustrating to have the battery icon missing so please follow these how to steps and I hope it works. This video is intended for Windows Vista users. This will also work for Windows 7 users. Please comment and let me know if this did not work. I will continue to help.

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HOW TO Switching out RAM , Cleaning the keyboard, Cleaning the Screen, and other simple basics for MAC USERS. Very unhelpful as I basically destroy a computer with a big knife.SUBSCRIBE NEW SHOWS EVERY, MONDAY WEDNSDAY FRIDAY What is the gradualreport? The gradualreport is a human experiment in comedy focusing on; human interactions, human phobias, animal news, giant world events, and scientific non-achievement. These things are distilled through the mind of a weird, smart, eccentric young man named Danny Grozdich and funny is the result. Who is Danny Grozdich? Danny is your best friend on the Internet. I must repeat, “Danny is your best friend on the Internet.” And though you may never meet Danny. He wants you to know that he loves you. Final Summation: Danny made these videos to teach you, and make you happy, and help you laugh at the funny side of life, because, in a world of moral ambiguity, laughter, though fleeting, is the only worthwhile certainty to pursue. Here are a few more ways to share in Danny’s Internet immortality… Social Media Stuff website: facebook twitter : FourSquare : TAGS: gradualreport gradual report gradaulreport danny grozdich comedy funny human experiment best friend internet funny comedy video ze best vlog ever new gradual report lol lmao danny kissing unicorn happy fun “fun time” learning stand up comed “best friend on the internet”
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Arc Welding with 3 Car Batteries (Tutorial & Demo)


Emergency welding technique using 3 car batteries wired in series. Knowing how to do this may just save you from haivng to leave your rig out in the middle of nowhere. If you’re going to go wheeling you need to know how to save your own butt. AAA doesn’t respond if your 20 miles off the beaten path. This is the second video that I’ve done on this subject. The first video showed me doing an acutal trail repair, but wasn’t very detailed. I had so many responses from people that didn’t understand what was going on, or for some reason thought it wasn’t possible, that I decided to do a video in a controlled environment and show exactly what welding with car batteries is all about.

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How To Remove and Replace Your Laptop Battery Tutorial ::


Keeping the battery in your laptop computer while it is plugged in will reduce the battery life, as it is constantly charging. To preserve the life of the battery, remove and store it for as much as a few weeks, especially if you are using the laptop as a replacement for a desktop computer. Removing a laptop battery is very simple but must be done carefully. You must make sure not to produce any kind of static electricity during removal, which can seriously damage the computer. For more information, or to find your new laptop battery, please visit

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Sony VAIO S Series Tutorial and Walkthrough


Introducing the brand new Sony VAIO S series. This video highlights the key features of the S series VAIO from Sony.
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EEVblog #140 – Battery Capacity Tutorial


Ever wanted to know what battery capacity is? Dave takes you through everything you need to know about amp-hours, mAh, watt hours, internal or series resistance, temperature effects, battery cutoff voltages, and characteristic curves. Part 2 coming soon.
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