www.thetechstop.net So… you like the size and price of a netbook, but you’re not overly thrilled by its anemic power and surprisingly short battery life. — You’re not alone… Though the netbook craze has been a collection of some great, not-so-great, and downright ugly design, there have emerged a few universally felt notions about netbooks: First, they’re good for word processing, websurfing and email… but not much else. Second, for such small computers, they’re 3-4 hours of battery life is a puzzlement. Well Gateway might have something for those who look at netbooks and say, ‘meh.’. Their new EC1400 series of notebooks has the size, weight, style and price of a netbook, but the power of a notebook. With a 11.6″ screen, 3GB of memory, dual-core CPU, 320GB hard drive and an incredible 8-hour battery life, this might be the cure for your netbook blues. www.Twitter.com
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