It is now possible to undervolt your AMD Turion Processor under Windows Vista x32/x64 (even Windows 7). This should work for Windows XP as well. This works if you have an AMD Turion CPU, GRIFFIN codename. ### Warning THIS PROGRAM DIRECTLY CHANGES YOUR CPU’S VOLTAGES AND CAN SEVERELY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER. YOU MAY ALSO LOSE DATA DUE TO UNSTABLE CPU VOLTAGE SETTINGS. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ### Benefits 1. Reduce fan noise 2. Reduce CPU heat 3. Increase laptop battery life ### Instructions 1. Obtain PumaStateCtrl for your OS 2. Unpack and modify config.xml as per instructions in html help file 3. Save the config.xml file and run the .exe file. 4. Verify voltages and system stability. 5. (Optional) Run as executable as Automatic Service. Not shown in this video. Personally tested to work on HP Tablet TX2524CA, RM-70 processor. Boots. Stability not thoroughly tested. P-states: 2GHz @ 1.0125V (from 1.075V) 1GHz @ 0.7625 V (from 0.950V) .5GHz @ 0.750V (from 0.800V) ### Main Links Forum Thread: Application: ### Other Links AMD Power Monitor: CPU–Z: Prime 95 (via Majorgeeks): ### Recommendations * Run PumaStateCtrl as a service in Windows Vista. The instructions of how to do this are located in the thread. ### Notes * 0.750V is the lowest voltage this program can undervolt to * to run as service without the Service messagebox popup, make sure the service is not allowed to interact
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