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Upgrading the Asus X401A-RGN4 – RBL4 – RPK4


In this video I am upgrading the hard drive and ram on my budget friendly laptop. As I mentioned in the video, this is not for beginners or novices. Link to the Drivers: Intel Mobile H70 Chipset: Links: RAM UPDATE: The Komputerbay RAM modules gave me problems so I do not recommend it for now until I get another set to try out. I could have just had bad sticks. For now here are links to a higher quality RAM chip by Corsair: 8GB Corsair Vengence 8GB Anti-Static Mat: Hard Drives: 500GB Momentus XT: 750GB moentus XT: OCZ 256GB SSD Aglility 3 SAMSUNG 830 Series 256GB SSD: Portable DVD Drive:

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MSI wind notebook upgrading ram memory and harddrive


MSI wind notebook how to upgrade the ram memory and harddrive on your MSI wind notebook

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