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New Toy: USBcell


New Toy: USBcell
Laptop Battery

Image by blue_j
Just arrived monday: a 2-pack of USBcell batteries.

These otherwise regular, rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries have a flip-open top, which reveal a USB connector.

Stick the USBcell into any regular USB port (ie: desktops, laptops, current-gen game consoles) and boom: USB-powered AA batteries.

(I figure 2-pair of these + dashboard USB charger = photo-filled roadtrip)

Guestroom, Randolph Vermont
Laptop Battery

Image by jessamyn
Another jumping shot. My regular camera is out of batteries so I tried to make this an interesting shot from the laptop. I am catsitting which means I’ve been here irregularly this week.


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Bunnies love USBCELL batteries


We are bunnies and we really love you and we think you should use USB Cells! We made this ad for USBCell – they really are a great thing- rechargeable batteries that charge from the USB port on your computer. Have a look at the website here if you like:

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