Daisy Pico-ITX carrier board (V1.1a) Bottom
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Image by Toradex
The Daisy Pico-ITX carrier board allows for a convenient integration of the Robin COM Express computer module into a system. The connector pinout of Daisy is compliant to COM Express Type 1.

The form factor of Daisy adheres to Pico ITX making it ideally suited for mobile computing applications.

The carrier board Daisy implements the major part of the interfaces available on COM Express Type 1 compliant modules such as Toradex Robin:

Connectivity such as USB and GLAN
SATA and Micro SD to enhance on-Board storage of Robin
Mini PCIe including SIM holder for wireless modems
Video port on a VGA connector
LVDS FFC connector
TV-out signals on headers
HD-Audio functionality with output, input jack and FFC connector
Power management signals, LPC, I2C and SMB on headers
GPIO header
Battery Holder (RTC)
USB client
3-Pin Fan connector
Power connector for powering external devices like a Harddisk


Warp Speed
Computer Battery

Image by Sanctu
Boson Accelerator with Defrangelating Cannon and optional Photonic Phase-o-meter attachment. Batteries included if you can lug them with you.

For Death Star Gravity Well, please grab computer screen firmly with both hands, and rotate clockwise by 90ยบ. Batteries unnecessary, just channel the Force.

For Alien Abduction Hoover-o-matic, rotate counter-clockwise.

the SeaTac Marriott pool
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Image by Esthr
opens 6 am – just in time to catch an 8.30 flight comfortably. a bit
warm this time at 88 F.

I have a special fondness for this pool. About 10 years ago I swam here on my way back from Siberia (and on to Florida, as I recall); I had been flying around Russia with Nathan Myhrvold visiting post-Soviet scientists (including physicists in two closed atomic cities). His plane’s battery had died unexpectedly in Novosibirsk, so we spent an extra night there. This was my first swim and also my first Internet connection in several days. I plugged in my computer’s modem line (yes, it was that long ago!) and set it to download my mail while I was swimming. An hour later it was still sucking down mail, and I was totally refreshed.

More recently I came here one morning after a night at another hotel without a pool (everything was booked; long story), and rented a day room just to use the pool. (No pool passes, the clerk told me.) But when I went to check out, another clerk looked at my bill, said "Only 90 minutes?" and tore it up. This is long enough that I can tell the story without getting that clerk in trouble; I’m sure he is elsewhere now and I hope he is doing well! (If there is anyone from Marriott management reading, please note that I came back for a more expensive, overnight stay!)

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