Working Prototype C1 Electric Vehicle by Lit Motors
Computer Battery

Image by IntelFreePress
In addition to the frame, body and battery recharging system there’s an intricate nervous system spread throughout the vehicle that collects data and returns instructions processed by two Intel Core i7 desktop computer chips. This is what turns the motorcycle into a robot.

"There are servos, gyro and traction motors, inertia and infra red sensors, temperature and heat sensors, really a myriad of sensors that all feed data to be processed," said Danny Kim, founder, president and CTO of Lit Motors. "Through that process, a command goes to the gryos to tilt and lean the vehicle to keep it balanced or to lean into a turn — it’s all heavily based on the computer processing system."

Thinkpad T500 Unboxing
Computer Battery

Image by craig1black
The computer shown here is a T61 14" — and it’s the same battery as my new T500. Nice!

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