Tech in a Vending Machine
Computer Batteries

Image by IntelFreePress
Soda and snacks make room for batteries and ethernet adapters in the IT on the Go vending machine pilot program. (Photo illustration)

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Vending machines provide computer accessories 24/7.

Computer Batteries

Image by larskflem
I’ve had the sony vaio laptop for about two years soon, and because of some troubles with the power connector my old battery got toasted. So I bought a new battery for my vaio, and now it pumps about 8,5 hours of battery life time with everything on, including wi-fi and bluetooth.

I bought this laptop because of it’s size, screen contrast, weight and battery life. Allthough it gained some weight with the new battery, I believe it is a small price to pay compared to not having to bring the power supply to school everyday.

I find battery life time the bottleneck of all mobile computers, hope Apple will come up with more than 5+ soon…

Computer Batteries

Image by _rockinfree
A couple nights ago the power flickered while I was in the middle of a game. I then found out Micro Center was having a sale on battery backups … so meet the newest addition to my computer :)

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