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New iPod Nano – How to import existing video files from your computer


New iPod Nano - How to import existing video files from your computer

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Toshiba Qosimo F750 3D laptop glasses free 3D video demo


JAPANESE HARDWARE MAKER Toshiba gave The INQUIRER a look at its Qosmio F750 3D laptop at a briefing in London the other day. The Qosmio F750 is Toshiba’s and the world’s first glasses free 3D laptop, meaning it doesn’t require cinema style or battery operated active shutter glasses to display realistic 3D content. As part of the unique feature of 3D imagery without glasses the laptop also uses its webcam to track the users head and eyes. This means it can adjust the image according to the viewing position. Specifications of the Qosmio F750 include an Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7 CPU, a 2GB Nvidia Geforce GT540M GPU, 6GB of RAM and a 640GB hard drive. Toshiba told The INQUIRER that it will be available next month and will cost around £1300. µ
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Lenovo ThinKPad X220 Video Review


Lenovo ThinKPad X220 Video Review LAPTOP Magazine gives you a walk through of the design, features, and battery life of Lenovo’s new business notebook, the Lenovo ThinkPad X220. Which can get a super crazy battery life with over 20 hours when combined with a split and 9 cell battery, WOW!
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Apple MacBook Pro Aluminum Unibody Battery Video


Introducing new MacBook Pro. Innovation runs in the family. Aluminum unibody enclosure, advanced longer-lasting battery, enhanced LED-backlit display. MacBook Pro has been precision engineered down to the smallest detail. The new MacBook Pro family has a breakthrough battery that runs for up to 7 hours on a single charge (8 hours on the 17-inch MacBook Pro). And thanks to advanced chemistry and an innovative new charging method, it can be recharged up to 1000 times — nearly three times the lifespan of typical notebook batteries. All in a notebook thats as thin and light as ever. A giant leap for batteries. The longest-lasting Mac notebook battery ever. Now part of the entire MacBook Pro family. The longest-lasting Mac notebook battery ever. Built right into each of the new MacBook Pro notebooks is a breakthrough battery that lasts dramatically longer and does so without increasing the size or weight of MacBook Pro. On a single charge, the battery in the new MacBook Pro lasts up to 7 hours (8 hours on the 17-inch MacBook Pro) and can be recharged up to 1000 times. Thats compared with only 200 to 300 times for typical notebooks. Advanced chemistry and Adaptive Charging allows the battery to maintain charging capabilities longer and determines the optimal way to charge the batterys cells. Because the battery lasts up to five years, MacBook Pro uses just one battery in the same time a typical notebook uses three. That makes for less waste. And sure that, in turn, makes for

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iCade, 32-Hour Laptop Battery, Amazon Prime Gets Free Video Streaming, iPad 2 Announcement on …


Video of the iCade gaming cabinet, HP’s laptop with a 32-hour battery life, Amazon gives their Prime members access to free streaming videos, and it looks like the iPad 2 will be announced March 2.
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Sony Vaio W Series netbook hands-on video review


We get our hands on Sony’s first netbook attempt, the Vaio W Series. But is it good enough to over look it’s less than impessive battery life?
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HP Pavilion dm1z Video Review


A video review of the HP Pavilion dm1z, HP’s new AMD Fusion 11.6″ better than a netbook laptop. Check out the full review at: The dual core AMD E350 with Radeon HD 6310 out performs Intel Atom netbooks. The dm1z has a 1366 x 768 gloss display, a lovely island style keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and a 6-cell battery.

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Christmas Shopping 1987: Computer, Video Game and Gadget Gift Guide


Vintage Christmas Films ? ? DVD ? http ? MUSIC ? ? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Click here! ? Here’s a Christmas Shopping Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the special nerd in your life, from Computer Chronicles … however, it’s almost 23 years old. So it might be a little outdated. I’m not sure. Gary Kildall shows us the Sony Picture Computer to add images to your VCR movies! Scribble some crap on the screen and color it. Superimpose your work of art and you’ll be the hottest thing on YouTube! if only YouTube existed! Only 0! Wall Street stock market crashed in October 1987 , and selling IBM and software like WordPerfect, Draw Plus, Chuck Yeager’s Flight Instruction and Test Drive Accolade are flying off the shelves! 75% of sales are games. Now we get to the hot items that you will definitely want in your stocking this year how about the Byline desktop publishing software for only 0? Or the perfect software for your 3.5″ and 5.25″ drives, the Laplink with a bunch of cables for only 0? And you just got to get “HIggins”, your perfect productivity software for your “portable” 100lb laptop the size of a sewing machine! Who the hell needs a blackberry with this thing?! Great software for only #200! Then you have the nifty Complete hand scanner from “Complete PC” to scan your Garry Larson Far Side cartoons! You can actually scan paper and it magically appears on your computer! Only 9! Now we’re
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Official ASUS U36Jc Unboxing video – Episode 4


Rob unboxes the ultra-slim 0.75″ magnesium alloy ASUS U36Jc notebook with up to 10-hours of battery life. Available now from ASUS with Intel Core i5-460M 2.53GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce 310M Optimus Graphics, 4GB of DDR3, 500GB 7200RPM HDD, 3.74lbs light, and USB 3.0.
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Troubleshooting a Dell- Video Issues


More @ THIS IS MY FIRST EVER VIDEO. IT HAS NEVER BEEN POST ON THIS PROFILE BEFORE. ****MADE 2 YEARS AGO**** Troubleshooting a Dell 4550 Series. HAVING SERIOUS ISSUES, with the video not showing. Hard Drive not Recognised. CMOS Battery (Lithium Battery) Low (THIS WAS THE ISSUE). I replaced the CMOS Battery and everything was working back to normal. Various techies had touched it before me and they had Diagnosed the MEMORY as being the problem with the computer. THEY MADE THE CUSTOMER buy extra memory (1GB DDR), and it did not work…. I USED SPARE PARTS I HAD AT MY PLACE, in order to determine what was the issue The Memory the customer bough.IT WAS GONE by the time I got the pc…Go figure… CROOKED TECHS !!!!… ANYWAYS…I hope you guys understand my EVERY PRECAUTION HAS BEEN TAKEN IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL, THE VIDEO OWNER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, OR FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN. Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Troubleshooting Dell 4550 Series No video CMOS Battery No hard Drive found Windows and the Windows/ IE logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft Corporation in no way endorses or is affiliated with or www.FLPCNERDS.COM All other products mentioned are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of their respective companies. Diagnose
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