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Asus VivoBook X202 / X202E / S200 Review


ASUS VivoBook S200, also known as S200E, X202 or X202E in some countries, reviewed in this video is an interesting 11.6 cheap laptop running Windows 8 that features a touchscreen. For 0 you get quite a bunch of features, including the Zenbook style case that’s only 22 mm thick and weights only 1.4 kilos. The hardware inside is pretty powerful: Intel IvyBridge Core i3-3217U processor, integrated Intel HD graphics, 4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB Harddrive and Windows 8. This particular configuration is sold in the US as the ASUS VivoBook X202E-DH31T, while in Europe it’s called the Asus VivoBook S200E. There’s not much to complain about the ASUS Vivobook S200, but I have to mention the TN screen with mediocre performance and the 2-cell battery which only manages to get 3-4 hours of actual use. For this kind of cash you can’t ask too much though, right? Follow me on Twitter: or Subscribe on Facebook: Youtube review: review:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Asus Vivobook X202E – Questions Answered


In this video I will answer the following questions that were asked in the unboxing video: -How’s the battery life -How’s the heat? -How’s the noise? -How loud and clear are the speakers? -How easy is it to upgrade the RAM or hard drive? -Is this computer a netbook or laptop/notebook? -Is the keyboard backlit? -How’s the performance? -Is 11.6″ too small for a laptop? -How’s the build quality?
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Asus Vivobook S400 review: 14 inch ultraportable


Asus Vivobook S400 review: 14 inch ultraportable

Asus Vivobook S400 is the most recent member of ASUS’ series of ultraportable laptops with touchscreens. It’s also a pretty inexpensive Windows 8 device, as prices start at around 0 for the Core i3 version. Design wise, this one resembles the Zenbook line of Asus ultrabooks, as it features an aluminium covered body that looks nice and feels nice at the same time. The 14.1 inch screen is mediocre, featuring washed out colors and poor viewing angles. Add the reflective touchscreen layer and you get an image that’s nowhere near the one provided by best IPS panels found in premium devices today. Battery life averages from 3.5 to 6 hours of use, depending on what you’re doing on the laptop. A high end Core i7 version will set you free around 0, but it will deal well with even the most demanding tasks. All in all, the Asus Vivobook S400 review video below will answer all your questions about this affordable touch laptop, a very good deal nonetheless.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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