What’s in my werk bag
Laptop Batteries

Image by Refracted Moments™
Minus the miscellaneous papers and receipts, which I threw away. And minus the rapidly thinning phat roll, which I think I left at work (uhoh!).

3D Transparent Glass Icons Business Trade
Laptop Batteries

Image by webtreats
This 3d transparent glass icons business set includes a wide assortment of business and e-commerce icons (shopping carts, email, locks, keys, currencies, folders, documents, pens, pencils, computers, laptops, printers, keyboards, mouse, mouse pointers, batteries, clocks, chairs, phones, thumbs up, thumbs down, trademark, copyright … Etc) as well as icons suitable for specific businesses or industries (gears, wheels, gasoline pumps, satellites, satellite dishes, paint brushes, ladders, hammers, wrenches, screw drivers … Etc). Click here to view the whole set:

waiting for dinner
Laptop Batteries

Image by jima
There’s gotta be a tech slang term for "doing random tasks on your laptop while mainly waiting for the battery to recharge".

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