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What’s In My Bag


What’s In My Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by Qbic

MS PDC 2005, day 2
Laptop Battery

Image by gadgetdude
I am writing this post offline through out the day as thoughts come to me and will post it at the end of the day.


I fell asleep during the morning keynote speech as I wasn’t interested in the graphics-design applications and the Sharepoint server. I took off early.


I am still vexed when I see guys playing with their deeply discounted iMate JASJARs. And they are everywhere!


One word to describe Microsoft’s LINQ project: dang!!

I would say that so far it’s the single most impressive piece of technology I have seen at PDC. Imagine using the same query language to manipulate objects, databases, and XML documents, all with C#/VB language benefits like strong type checking.



I passed by a guy that looked like one of the regular badminton players at the gym. He didn’t recognize me, probably because as I was wearing a cap.

I was wearing a cap becomes I wanted to win a free iMate JASJAR. "They" are giving away 5 units per day to random people wearing those Windows Mobile caps. I don’t think I have a chance as I see a lot of people with these caps. I am lucky, but I am not THAT lucky.


I didn’t mention this yesterday, but the HTC Wizard and Universal (under the iMate JASJAR name) were on display at the Microsoft Windows Mobile booth. I got to play with the JASJAR and its Windows Mobile 5 OS. The Wizard was not functional, but I got to see its size in person.


I also saw IBM’s (or Levono?) new X41 tablet PC. Looks solid, befitting of IBM’s reputation.


Attended a session on WinFS. The concept of having a DB as natives file system is great for both users and developers, especially with the upcoming LINQ in C# 3.0.

There will also be native support for 2-way data synchronization. It looks much better than the current RDA (can’t remembered what it stands for), which lacks proper conflict resolution.

And we wouldn’t need a local store such as SQL Server Express 2005 and SQL Server Mobile 2005.


GUI layout is separated from logic in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I say it’s about time. No more changing code to alter the layout. Now all that’s required is to edit the XAML file. XAML is just a XML file that describes the UI.

I want to find out more about WPF later.


Where have I been for the last 4 years? Oh, I remember, I was in legacy C++ land! All these new technology is making me drool. They are like gadgets to me.


Everyone (well, almost everyone) has a laptop except me – WiFi is free at PDC. I did bring my laptop for this trip, but I left it at the hotel room since its battered battery would only sustain the notebook for a few minutes before grinding to a abrupt halt.

Maybe that’s how the otherwise guys managed to buy the JASJAR before the keynote speech was over yesterday.

My PDA will have to suffice for now. GPRS is great! And T-Mobile reception is excellent, surprise surprise, in this downtown area.


Frankly I wasn’t very enthusiastic about Microsoft’s Atlas technology before attending the overvíew session. I was definitely intrigued afterwards.

Atlas is a set of APIs to let web developers easily add rich content to their web apps. Think AJAX.

Atla is similar to Microsoft’s thick client technology in that they both have data binding and UI controls on the client. This allows web client to do data caching and minimize server requests.

The wiring between browser and server uses Microsoft’s new JSON (?) format, which MS claims that is more efficient.

All the above means that Atlas is reliant on ASP.Net and IIS. Sure, this is the Microsoft way, but I do see the benefits.

Atlas client code is cross-browser compatible, at least on IE, FireFox, and Safari. It better be. I am curious to know how it falls back on earlier browsers.

Atlas also has a set of Behavior classes that provide fancy web client UI features such as drag-and-drop. User state can even be remembered at server through the profile manager. The demo showed how 3 panels’ locations, changed earlier by user through drag-and-drop, were restored after a browser refresh.

Atlas will be available as public-beta next year. As a demo Microsoft will have a wiki site coded using Atlas. Take it from me, the AJAXed wiki site is pretty impressive.

Kate’s Cottage (1/2)
Laptop Battery

Image by the Magnificent Octopus
Our digs for the most of the time we spent on Canna. A traditional Scottish 2-room "but ‘n’ ben" with an outhouse toilet. The solar panels charged a car battery that allowed for electric light and an electric shower. There was a socket in the outhouse that we ran an extension cable into the house from so we could watch DVD movies on the laptop when we were trapped inside by the inevitable storms and gales. Notice how the tree outside points in the direction of the prevailing wind. Common in these parts.

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What’s In My Bag


What’s In My Bag
Notebook Batteries

Image by Thomas Hawk
Earlier today when reviewing the EF 50mm f/1.2 lens, a commenter asked what I kept in my bag. I’ve written a lot about the different gear that I use day in and day out, but not a comprehensive "what’s in my bag" post.

I’m pretty anal about my gear. It goes with me pretty much everywhere. I think as a photographer so many of the best shots happen spontaneously. I’ve kicked myself too many times early on for not having my camera gear with me. So now it goes with me everywhere. To work, on the weekends, in my car, I always keep my gear with me. I try to do this 100% of the time.

The actual bag that I use is a Lowepro bag. It’s a really nice laptop camera combo bag called the CompuDayPack.

So, here’s what’s in my bag.

1 Canon EOS 5D digital SLR
1 EF 50mm f/1.2 lens
1 EF 24mm f/1.4 lens
1 EF 135mm f/2 lens
1 EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens
1 Canon EF 1.4x II extender
1 8 GB SanDisk Ultra II compact flash memory card
1 4 GB Transcend compact flash memory card
1 CameraMate CF Card Reader
1 Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch (cable release)
1 Canon CG-580 battery charger
3 Canon Li-ion battery packs
1 set V-Moda Bass Freq Modaphones
1 box 100 Moo cards
1 Verizon EVDO card
1 MacBook Pro
1 incase MacBook Pro case
1 pen
1 small notepad

My favorite lens to shoot is the EF 135 f/2.

I shoot every single day and each day dump the contents of my shoot onto my MacBook Pro’s hard drive. I process some of these images and then about once a week dump the folders of each day onto an external 750GB Seagate hard drive. I’ve got about 5.5 terabytes of storage at present. I highly recommend the 750GB external USB Seagates.

Gear at home that sometimes comes out with me, but is not included in my bag are

1 SLIK 611-800 Tripod
1 Bogen-Manfrotto 725B Digi Tripod
1 Canon EOS 10D camera
1 Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens
1 Canon EF 70-200 f/4 zoom
1 Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom
1 Canon Speedlite 550EX flash
2 MacBook Pro power adapters
All the hoods for my respective lenses

All of my lenses have UV filters on them. Most recently I’ve been buying Hoya Ultras which are a little nicer than standard.

In terms of where to buy gear, my number one recommendation is B&H Photo. I also think Costco is a pretty good place to buy a camera body because of their very flexible return policy.

I hate buying at most camera stores here in the Bay Area. The selection is generally not very good. Maybe it’s just me but I also haven’t found the service terribly good at most of them. I’m not going to name names but given the store markups over what you can buy online typically it’s just not worth the hassle for me.

My New Office
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Image by The Other Dan

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What’s in my bag


What’s in my bag
Notebook Battery

Image by El Convector Toynbee

What’s in my bag
Notebook Battery

Image by AMagill
It’s been too long since I’ve posted any pictures, and it occurred to me that a quick one would be to update my bag picture.

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What’s in my bag?


What’s in my bag?
Laptop Battery

Image by gabork
the contents of my bag change all the time, but this is pretty much the standard repertoire

Gear III
Laptop Battery

Image by noboundariesorg
All the gear I’m carrying to create my online travelogue, film some movies, and shoot lots and lots of photos. Definitely, definitely it’s too much stuff, I know, and next time I wouldn’t shoot a film while traveling and I wouldn’t take all this extra weight ;) Scroll over the photo and see the name of the items.

Read more about my trip around-the-world at, or visit the equipment page of my travelogue to read more about the specifics of each item .

What’s in my bag
Laptop Battery

Image by jluster

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What’s in my bag [2005-10-29]


What’s in my bag [2005-10-29]
Notebook Battery

Image by xiaming
This is today’s contents of my main work bag, a fake Samsonite bought for 85 yuan from Hongqiao Market in Beijing.

The New ÜberDesk
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Image by Iain Tait

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What’s in Jim Younkin’s Bag


What’s in Jim Younkin’s Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by JimYounkin
Update: This picture was was chosen to go along with this boingboing article on the "whatsinyourbag" tag!
Listed in order of importance:Powerbook 12", Timbuk2 laptop sleeve, Powerbook AC adapter, iPod shuffle, "Mind Hacks" from O’Reilly, etc. I’ll make a full set of notes on the photo itself. What’s in YOUR bag?

What’s in my bag? – School
Laptop Battery

Image by Brandy Shaul
I have two bags – one for school and then one for night-time or weekends. So the camera, phone, keys and wallet are shown in both, as they go with me everywhere I go.

I love my Nintendo DS – it’s such a great little piece of hardware, with fun and addictive games galore! I found the carrying case on clearance at Target, and its perfect as it lets me take my entire handheld collection with me all the time, as I tend to get bored during my long breaks between classes. Some of the games include Mario Kart DS, Sprung, Brain Age, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Cooking Mama, Mr. Driller, ZooKeeper, Trace Memory, Hot Potato, Yoshi: Topsi Turvy, Animal Crossing and so on…

I don’t have a laptop unfortunately, so I don’t need anything like the usb cord (for the camera) with me. Also, no Ipod, as I am apparently still living in the stone age when it comes to music – I do bust out the old CD player sometimes though. lol

Loose RAM door
Laptop Battery

Image by nateOne
My MacBook suddenly shut down! I pressed the power button to turn it back on and… click, whir, bzzt. Shutdown before it booted.

On previous laptops, sometimes the battery looses its connection. So I flipped the machine over to check the battery connection. It was fine, but the door around the battery area that encloses the RAM had a loose screw.

I tightened the screw and everything seemed to work fine. Just to check I loosened the screw again and booted the machine and everything was still fine…

The problem hasn’t returned, so I’ll just hope everything is fine fine fine.

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What’s In Your Bag 14-03-2007


What’s In Your Bag 14-03-2007
Notebook Battery

Image by Escalla
What’s in Your Bag 16-03-2007
Taken almost a year later a new picture of my bag contents (not included my trusty camera).
In comparison with a year ago i carry less junk.
I still have the same cell-phones (I hate cell-phones…)
I still have my trusty MP3 Player although i carry a different game console.
My always accompanying book is not included because it does not fit my current bag.

Notebook Battery

Image by fatti k
my office…
it looks even worse now.

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Whats’ in My Bag? Packed


Whats’ in My Bag? Packed
Notebook Battery

Image by brewbooks
Here is the packed photo – - this is what I brought (and acquired) on a 32 day trip to Australia. One challenge is that I had to pack for weather ranging form tropical (Daintree Rain forest and Great barrier Reef) to Urban (Sydney, Melbourne) to Alpine (Overland Track in Tasmania)

Items I Brought>

– 2 pairs of Superfeet shoe inserts
– ASICS Running shoes
– Asolo hiking boots (well broken in, worn on all airplane flights)
– Spare pair of inserts (I need these and I walk a lot)
– Medium weight OR Gloves
– A lot of warm clothes for Overland Track (will list further breakdown…)
– Thermal underwear (2 pairs)
– Old gray vest with a couple of pockets (decrepit, but useful)
– Australian Bird Book by Slater
– Kindle (with ~ 80 books, glad I have the extra 4 GByte card)
– Canon EOS 40D manual
– Canon EOS 40D tutorial book
– Lowe Camera bag – which I used to carry around my
Canon EOS 40D and 24-70 lens (a heavy combo).
Also lens cleaner, spare battery and polarizer
Hiking gear
– 750 ml watter bottle (two)
– First aid kit
– Emergency gear (compass, knife, repair kit, whistle, spare food,
headlamp, flashlight, spare glasses)
– Jublo prescription glacier glasses
– Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park Map
Other Stuff
– Blackberry
– Kindle, Blackberry, Canon 40D, Canon 850 chargers
– Medicine
– Many types of sunscreen – I am either chalk white or beet red.
– Moleskine 64 page notebook (brought 3, used 2)
– My bag – an old roller bag that has endured many trips
– Granite Gear compression bag – carried a lot of hiking clothes compressed
– A small Kiva Designs pack – it’s gone on many trips, almost shot, had to get thread and needle and sew a ripped seam in Melbourne – but it still works!
– Itinerary – where we were going with dates and phone numbers etc.

Items I Bought
– Poster of North Queensland Coast
– Photography Book- Capturing the World by Darren Leal
– The Anzacs by Patsy_Adam-Smith (quite interesting author)
I wanted to know more of Anzac history – this was highly recommended
– Leonardo’s Lost Robots by robotics engineer Mark Elling Rosheim
I bought this at a Leonardo museum exhibit in Melbourne
– Leonardo Da Vinci ‘Anatomy to Robots’ exhibit catalog
– old Australian Geographics that a bookstore owner gave me in Bowral, NSW
– Tasmania books and maps
The Rock Which Makes Tasmania by David Leaman
– 5th edition of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Park by John Chapman, Monica Chapman & John Siseman
Emergence a sci-fi novel by Ray Hammond
which I bought in Bowral, NSW
– A laminated summary of The Metamorphosis of Plants by
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from Mount Tomah Botanical Garden,
in the Blue Mountains, NSW
– The first issue (1952) of the journal Diogenes – a transdisciplinary journal of science and the humanities
– Miscellaneous Notes, maps and brochures in a plastic portfolio

Australia oz2009 640

Saddleback Leather Bag
Notebook Battery

Image by OkayCityNate

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What’s in your bag?


What’s in your bag?
Notebook Batteries

Image by Paul Jerry
Finally decided to do one of these.

What’s missing:
- The Nikon D80 used to take this picture. It usually accompanies this bag, but in it’s own Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home.
- Client files. Usually I carry them around in this bag as well. (They’re not too thick.)

What’s needed: I need a good multitool. Torn between a Leatherman, a SOG, or another Victorinox. Any suggestions?

Notebook Batteries

Image by 1541
not included: current book and small camera tripod

Bag contents 7/7/10
Notebook Batteries

Image by Rojoleon
Things to do while cleaning out your bag: inventory, get all those tiny pieces of paper out, wipe down the inside with cleaning solution.

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What’s in your bag?


What’s in your bag?
Notebook Battery

Image by congalaconga
Sometimes I think I carry too much stuff…

Notebook Battery

Image by Ying56 ^-^
Atelier Ying

The "Pocket Weegee" Set

I’m starting a blog soon with my camera mods, as well as camera designs, etc.

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