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whats in my bag ?


whats in my bag ?
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My work bag has ben getting a little weighty of late and I decided to have a clean out and pack for work at the same time, as I did the desknotes thing already I thought what the hell, why not do a whats in my bag shot as well, they can be fun.

Mind you there isnt much really in my bag it seems but I did find the reason its so heavy, have a read of the notes and see ;)

This is after the clean out so you miss out on the various bits of paper, empty mint boxes and other stuff which floats in a bag along with a couple of mazgazines and a badly crushed biscuit (thankfully still in a plastic bag)

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I happened by this disaster last year on my birthday 03/30/07. All human occoupants and all pets except for one dog got out unharmed.

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What’s in my bag?


What’s in my bag?
Laptop Battery

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I went to clean out all the junk and decided to take a photo for the What’s in your bag? group. Sorry already threw away the used tissues…..
Decided to weigh my bag… 21lbs.

Update for 2010 (4 yrs later)(since I still get lots of views on this photo): I no longer carry this bag around but I do still use it occasionally. I have a laptop (only) bag that I use for the laptop and a few peripherals.

I still use the (now antique) HP calculator. I use a separate bag for photography equipment. Actually two different ones depending on the occasion.

I still have the laptop but to prevent the usual performance degradation over time that Windows provides it now runs Ubuntu Linux with Windows running in a VM (Virtual Box) if I need it.

The electronic Scrabble dictionary does not have the current version of the Scrabble dictionary so it is rarely used anymore. The Sharp Zaurus is rarely used anymore as well.

The money has been spent. The battery still works in the keychain flashlight. I have a different cellphone. Don’t use the Nintendo any more. And I still try to have a penny whistle with me wherever I go.

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Wow, this battery must have really needed a charge.

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