This is the infamous Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZD 8000 Laptop. This HP Entertainment Notebook PC is the Worst laptop I have ever owned since 1998. In late 2005 it cost me $ 1560. ( I remember I did a serious laptop selecting search) but unfortunately I decided to safe 0 , gave HP a vote of trust and buy this laptop instead other brands I have owned before.It was a terrible mistake. Many users worldwide have experienced Lot of problems with this HP Laptop, and hundred of claims have been sent to HP. HP does not want to recognize the responsibility in the poor design of this HP equipment that was top of the line only 3 years ago. Overheating due inadequate and poor desing laptop ventilation or cooling system. Battery Pack overheating problems forced in HP to recall bateries in 2008. Display problems showing vertical lines on Screen If you Google: ” HP ZD8000 vertical lines ” you will get a huge amount of desperate users trying to solve the situation. The purpose of this video is to ask ZD8000 owners around the world to join internet protests and claims that have been experienced with this laptop:Uploading videos in Youtube, sending emails to HP, forcing HP to recall defective computers. If you are thinking of buying a laptop, please do not waste your money in Brands that are not responsible of their mistakes. A little History: Just one month after warranty expirexd: my Dimm Memory Card need to be replaced: It Cost me around 0.(Technicians told me that the cause was the

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