This is what it takes to own a 2 year old HP DV5Z-1200 CTO notebook computer. My laptop has developed a blinking LED defect and won’t boot unless I open it up and “reflow” the ATI Radeon graphics chip using a heat gun. I used to have to do this every 3 weeks on average until I applied an additional trick and made it a more permanent fix. The “permanent” repair is described on the HP forums here: The trick to making this fix last longer is to get a small amount of flux under the Radeon chip prior to reflowing. I for one dissolved a bit of rosin in isopropy alcohol, and poured a few drops of it around the edges. Clear, no-residue flux should also work. For those interested here are the HP notebook blink codes on their support website: . Those considering buying an HP notebook, think twice, or, who knows, Think Pad. The music, which I have shamelessly borrowed, is arranged and performed by Modesto de Renzio aka Blndgtarst ( ). [edited 11/24/11: I have no way to tell whether the "permanent fix" is really permanent since about 6 months after what you see above I managed to screw things up by attempting to reapply the fix when not really needed]
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