What’s in Jim Younkin’s Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by JimYounkin
Update: This picture was was chosen to go along with this boingboing article on the "whatsinyourbag" tag!
Listed in order of importance:Powerbook 12", Timbuk2 laptop sleeve, Powerbook AC adapter, iPod shuffle, "Mind Hacks" from O’Reilly, etc. I’ll make a full set of notes on the photo itself. What’s in YOUR bag?

What’s in my bag? – School
Laptop Battery

Image by Brandy Shaul
I have two bags – one for school and then one for night-time or weekends. So the camera, phone, keys and wallet are shown in both, as they go with me everywhere I go.

I love my Nintendo DS – it’s such a great little piece of hardware, with fun and addictive games galore! I found the carrying case on clearance at Target, and its perfect as it lets me take my entire handheld collection with me all the time, as I tend to get bored during my long breaks between classes. Some of the games include Mario Kart DS, Sprung, Brain Age, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Cooking Mama, Mr. Driller, ZooKeeper, Trace Memory, Hot Potato, Yoshi: Topsi Turvy, Animal Crossing and so on…

I don’t have a laptop unfortunately, so I don’t need anything like the usb cord (for the camera) with me. Also, no Ipod, as I am apparently still living in the stone age when it comes to music – I do bust out the old CD player sometimes though. lol

Loose RAM door
Laptop Battery

Image by nateOne
My MacBook suddenly shut down! I pressed the power button to turn it back on and… click, whir, bzzt. Shutdown before it booted.

On previous laptops, sometimes the battery looses its connection. So I flipped the machine over to check the battery connection. It was fine, but the door around the battery area that encloses the RAM had a loose screw.

I tightened the screw and everything seemed to work fine. Just to check I loosened the screw again and booted the machine and everything was still fine…

The problem hasn’t returned, so I’ll just hope everything is fine fine fine.

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